5 Reasons Why Boarding Schools Are Better Than Day Schools

Remember the first day your child went to school? We know how stressful it is for the parents as well as children to enter this new schooling phase of life. Parents conveniently enrol their children in the nearest school. Did you ever think by doing this, you are limiting your child’s world? It is somewhat like setting boundaries in a comfortable space. Your child feels perfectly alright in their cocoon. They may even refuse to learn beyond academics. This is where Boarding Schools come into play. 

Unlike day school, boarding school students don’t get to visit home daily. It is a once-in-a-while opportunity. Most parents give up the thought of boarding school because of this reason. Being one of the best boarding schools in Jalna, we totally understand the dilemma of choosing between Boarding School and Day School for your child. 

This is why we have curated a list of perks for boarding school students over day school students. Let’s dive deeper into the boarding school system!

Children Learn Discipline & Punctuality

This is the first reason why most parents prefer boarding school over day school. Boarding schools teach punctuality and inculcate discipline in students. These schools follow a timetable for every activity students carry out throughout the day. Starting from waking up early for meditation, exercise, lectures to ending the day routine till nap-time, there is time for everything in boarding school cum hostel. These activities make students responsible and active. 

Children Become Confident & Independent 

Trust us; most children grow up as under-confident, dependent individuals in India. Boarding schools focus on nurturing smart individuals of tomorrow by exposing them to routine and challenging tasks in an early stage of life. Children might get overwhelmed, but overcoming the challenges makes them feel stronger, and they get a boost of the winner’s spirit. These virtues take them to places in future. 

Children Enjoy Extra-curricular & Sports Activities

 Let’s admit it; attending school five hours a day cannot match up the exposure boarding schools give to children. These schools encourage students to actively participate in various extra-curricular activities such as Painting, Drama, Debate, Elocution, Quizzes or sports such as Cricket, BasketBall, Athletics, Football, Roll Ball and more. In Boarding School settings, children get inspired to see classmates enjoying these activities. They also participate and team up with their peers. You can see an unmatched team spirit in boarding school students. They stand together and support their teammates. Indeed an important life skill for a child’s bright future!

Children Focus Better On Academics

When children are at home, there are various distractions for them to run away from their studies. This scenario is eliminated when your child learns in a boarding school. They get used to following a timetable and give adequate time to studies. With zero interaction with the outside world, they focus better, and the continuous supervision keeps them alert, attentive throughout the academic year. This happens to be the reason why boarding school students are better in studies and stand out in educational success charts. 

Children Attain Peace & Mindfulness

Meditation is an important feature of most Boarding Schools. At MRDA, we also focus on enriching our students’ minds with positive, optimistic thoughts and approaches towards life. Our meditation practices promote higher optimism, greater self-acceptance, positive emotions, good self-identity and a perspective to look at things without judgements. It also has a good impact on health as it reduces stress, anxiety and ultimately depression. All these acquired peace & meditative skills help students as they grow up and face life’s reality. The power of meditation keeps them going strong. 

Hope the above reasons will help in making the right decision for your child. Day schools are good, but the holistic development parents wish to give to their child is more feasible & possible when children adopt a disciplined & happy lifestyle. MRDA is proud to be the first choice of parents amongst various schools in Jalna

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