Ishwari Chavan.
Founder & Principal.

International Licensed Teacher Of ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshops.

Certified Teacher/Counselor For
‘Teen Empowerment.’

  • Almost all parents crave for wealth & abundance for their children.
  • Their strong belief is that admission to a good school would guarantee it.
  • But statistics show that acquiring wealth & abundance in life has very little correlation with one’s school education.
  • Statistics also show that very few ‘A’ graders acquire wealth & abundance.
  • Their success is largely due to some other personality traits and has little correlation to school education.
  • People with wealth & abundance have a different kind of a mindset.
  • They think and act in a different way.
  • Our current schooling system does not cater to such a mindset.
  • In fact it seems oblivious that such a thing even exist!!
  • At MRDA our focus is on nurturing the mindset of a “Compassionate Wealth Creator along with academic excellence.”!!
‘Rich Dad’ in the school’s name signifies ‘God/ Cosmic Intelligence/Our Source.

' MRDA is situated on the banks of river Kundalika, on a 23 Acre green campus on the outskirts of Jalna, Maharashtra. Eurokids is located in the heart of city on the head post office road near Shivaji Statue in New Jalna. Jalna is 45 km from Aurangabad airport.

Our Inner Self craves for something more than wealth & abundance, whether we are aware of it or not.
  • It’s finding Bliss & Fulfillment in our lives!
  • Very few people discover it.
  • The intrinsic nature of our Inner Self is Blissful.
  • We just need to find a way to discover & sustain in that state of happiness.
  • Living our life from that state of happiness, it becomes easier to achieve success in any field of one’s liking, including fulfilling relationships, wealth & abundance
Our focus is to nurture habits that could lead to discovering our Bliss & Fulfillment:
  • The habits of happiness & abundance,
  • The habits of fulfilling relationships
  • The habits of wealth creators
  • The habits of a spiritually balanced person.
All these habits are practiced by many people around the world. Our endeavor is to institutionalize them in our current schooling system, without compromising the good points of our affiliated ICSE board.