What programs are offered by EuroKids and how do I know which program should I enroll my child in?

EuroKids offers 4 programs, the age fitment for these program are mentioned along with the same: • Playgroup – 1.8 to 3 years • Nursery – 2.5 to 4 years • EuroJunior (Junior KG) – 3.5 to 5 years • EuroSenior (Senior KG) – 4.5 to 6 years.

When do the admissions for EuroKids pre-school open? Is there a cut-off date?

Admissions for Nursery, EuroJunior (Junior KG) & EuroSenior (Senior KG) programs are open from January to Aug. Full-terms admission for these programs close on the 31st of Aug. We also have provision for mid-term admissions for Nursery that is between October and December. For PlayGroup, admissions are open for most part of the year.

Is pre-school education important for my child? What is the appropriate age for my child to get admission in your Pre-School?

It is proven by research that major development of a child’s brain happens in the first 5 years hence it is recommended to start their pre-schooling education from an early age. More than academics, our pre-school programs in PG & Nursery are focused toward building life skills, social engagements, enhancing creativity and 360 degree development of your child. 1.8 to 2 years is the appropriate age for your child to commence pre-schooling. At this age, your child’s mind is most receptive and fertile towards learning.

How is the curriculum structured at EuroKids?

The EuroKids curriculum has evolved through a journey of over 15 years to ensure holistic development of your child. Our latest Version 6.0 curriculum is powered by research findings of Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, which focuses on building ‘Executive Function Skills’ (EFS) that are crucial for learning, development and positive behaviour in your child from an early age.


What is the student: teacher ratio at EuroKids?

To ensure that the teacher is able to give your child individual attention, we keep our batch sizes small to maintain a student teacher ratio of 10:1 however, the adult to child ratio in the Pre-School is 1:6 in order to manage a child’s safety and to provide maximum attention to every child’s need at the Pre-School.

What documents do I need to enroll my child at Pre-School?

We will just need a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate and 3 recent photographs of the child. Other details of the child have to be filled in the admission form that will be provided to you at the centre.

What is the per day duration of the programs?

Program duration for PlayGroup and Nursery is 3 hours each and the duration for EuroJunior & EuroSenior is 4 hours each day. Please do check with your centre for the exact timings of these programs.

What is the language used to communicate with children?

The primary language for instructions and interaction at EuroKids is English. However, for Playgroup and Nursery, the communication is done in regional language/ mother tongue during the primary stages of the program till the child starts understanding English.

Does the Pre-School provide children with snacks and refreshments or does the parent have to send the same?

Snack & refreshments for child will have to be sent by the parent. We request parents to avoid giving their children fried, oily or junk food either in the snack box or as breakfast meal prior to coming to the Pre-School, as it makes children lethargic and less active at the Pre-School. Filtered drinking water will be available at the Pre-School.

Are the teachers trained to take care of my child and will they be attentive to his/her needs?

At EuroKids, we have qualified & trained teachers with years of experience who provide your child with great love and care at the Pre-School. Our teachers have passion for education, love for children, great patience levels and a touch of humor that will keep your child smiling always!

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No, at the Pre-School age we do not expect the child to be toilet trained prior to joining the Pre-School. We do advise parents to ensure that the child comes in wearing a diaper. At the Pre-School we keep an additional pair of clothing just in case the same is needed.

Is the Pre-School environment safe, secure and hygienic for my child?

We understand that leaving your child at the Pre-School in trusted hands is really important for you as parents. Eurokids Jalna is safe, secure and hygienic for your child along with an overall warm and nurturing environment for your loved one.

Do you plan outdoor activities for children? Are the children supervised during outdoor activities and games?

We love taking the child outdoors and making him/her enjoy and express freely at parks and on other field trips. Your child always remains part of the Pre-School group and is constantly under the watchful eyes of the teachers and the security personnel associated with the Pre-School.

Can I transfer my child from one EuroKids Pre-School to another?

We offer a very easy and flexible transfer facility that allows you to transfer your child from one EuroKids centre to another anywhere in the country so that the child’s education remains unhampered in the process of moving localities, cities, or regions.

Does my child have a dress code while at the Pre-School?

For PlayGroup and Nursery, the children should come to the Pre-School wearing casual, comfortable clothing which will help them move around freely and enable them to express themselves easily both indoors and outside. In Kindergarten, at EuroJunior and EuroSenior children wear a uniform to Pre-School.