In addition to all the benefits of a modern ICSE school, at MRDA your child gets something more valuable, which is unique & priceless; and rarely found in other schools.
  • Your Child will develop the ‘Mindset of a Wealth Creator.’
  • The conventional schools invariably nurture a mindset of an employee, a follower or a specialist.
  • They cater to the left side of the cash flow quadrant. [representing the types of incomes as shown in the picture.
  • MRDA is committed to cater to the right side of the cash flow quadrant thereby nurturing the mindset of a wealth creator.

Your Child will become highly effective in people skills. Success in private & public life is directly proportional to the level of effectiveness one has in dealing with people.
At MRDA a child goes through experiences on a regular basis that nurture in him the ‘Habits of Highly Effective People’.

A Child
  • becomes more proactive & takes charge of himself,
  • understands where & what it’s goals are,
  • becomes habitual in prioritizing the main things in life,
  • develops a win-win mentality,
  • empathetically understands others view points,
  • is always ready for a synergistic outcome and
  • constantly keeps renewing oneself: physically, emotionally, intellectually & spiritually.

“Happiness is the meaning & the purpose of life, the whole aim & end of human existence.” – Aristotle.
Scientific research in the field of ‘Happiness’ has found that there are habits of happy people:

Happiness will become your Child’s second nature with these habits/qualities..
  • Close & strong relationships,
  • Being kind,
  • Physical well being,
  • Following your passion,
  • Spiritual engagement,
  • Purpose greater than oneself,
  •  Positive mindset, &
  • An attitude of gratefulness.

Based on these habits, various creative experiences are interwoven into the daily activities at MRDA. By the time your Child finishes school, all these and more such habits will be strongly ingrained in him/her.

Your Child will have a blue print to a happy, wealthy & fulfilling career.
  • Your child will discover his/her passions & talents,
  • Find creative ways to serve some human needs with them, 
  • Learn the basics of developing a sustainable business model involving his/her passions & talents and
  • Learn the fundamentals of becoming financially free and happy.

Your Child will discover the Secret to Wealth & Abundance:
By aligning his/her passions & talents to SERVE a Human NEED.

Your Child will be Spiritually Fit & Stable

Your child will be going through day to day experiences by way of various innovative activities involving practicing: – silence, gratitude, counting ones blessings, introspection, mindfulness, communion with nature, yoga, compassion, kindness, etc. These practices are based on universal spiritual laws.

The Chairperson & Principal is herself personally involved in the day to day activities of the school. Her being an International licensed trainer for ‘Heal Your Life’ & a certified ‘Teen Empowerment coach’, definitely is a unique blessing for Euro kids & MRDA.

On completing his/her schooling at Euro Kids & MRDA,

Your Child will definitely have a mindset of a ‘Compassionate Wealth Creator’ with a blueprint for his/her chosen field of career.

With the above mentioned value additions your child will no doubt perform exceptionally well in academics also.