Our curriculum is based on engaging, learning, enabling mind to observe, analyse and learn. New age curriculum is also an appealing part of our strategies. Usage of the Apple digital tools by fun filled activities make mind more active and help learn the simplest to toughest equations with an ease. We create a space where the minds get free imagination.
  • We link all the subjects of curriculum with the theme based program. Each lesson has interactive activities and exercises on Apple i-pads. Theme based learning combined with Apple technology leads to experiential learning.
  • Our methodology doesn’t restrict within the boundaries of 40 minutes classroom. We extend their reach anywhere to get the knowledge. We make them read, create and express at their own pace.


By generation curiosity, making it enjoyable and then focusing towards their development by interactive and technological methods, we seek to discover and bring out the best in each child by refining his or her talents and interests.


On completing his/her schooling at Euro Kids & MRDA,

Your Child will definitely have a mindset of a ‘Compassionate Wealth Creator’ with a blueprint for his/her chosen field of career.

With the above mentioned value additions your child will no doubt perform exceptionally well in academics also.