Our Mission

MRDA has been established with a purpose
“To Nurture The Mindset of a Compassionate Wealth Creator.”

Our Vision

“Democratization of Wealth & Abundance.”

We believe that as a result of our Mission of nurturing the mindsets of compassionate wealth creators, more and more people will become aware of the possibility of their children becoming wealth creators. The spiritual seed of compassion in MRDA pass outs would propel them to spread the secret to achieving Wealth & Abundance. The way to Wealth & Abundance would be available to anyone who desires to pursue the path. We believe that our Mission would create our Vision.

Every student”s ‘seed’ is Unique & MRDA helps them to Blossom into their Unique Personalities.
Our Methodology
  • We believe that every Child is a Gift from God, and hasGod Given Gifts [seeds of greatness]

  • We will help the Child to discover & nurture them.

  • We will encourage the Child to use them for fulfilling some need of humanity.

  • We will provide experiences to experience the feeling of Joy & Happiness using his/her Gifts serving humanity in many creative ways.

  • We will encourage the Child to convert his/her passion into a profession. God Given Gifts/Talents are closely related to one’s passions.

  • We will teach them how to build a sustainable business model of his/her passion.

  • We will teach the fundamentals to become financially free by serving maximum number of people.

MRDA will simultaneously provide them experiences on a regular basis to form the habits of Highly Effective people as well as habits of a Spiritually Fit & Compassionate person inspiring them to achieve greatness in their chosen field