Pop culture has painted boarding school in a way that isn’t necessarily accurate. While the depictions are exaggerated examples of what the reality of boarding school life is actually like, film, TV and books have left people asking: why would anyone want to go to boarding school?Well, boarding school simply isn’t like the movies. It’s an opportunity for students to learn a number of life skills while having access to a high-quality education.The Chairperson & Principal is herself personally involved in the day to day activities of the school.

Her being a International licensed trainer for ‘Heal Your Life’ & a certified ‘Teen Empowerment coach’, definitely is a unique blessing for the boarders at MRDA.MRDA offers a perfect balance combining the benefits of a day scholar & a boarder by providing the option of going home once a month. This helps the boarder to maintain his emotional stability & touch with his family.MRDA offers boarding only for boys from class 3 onward.Boarding school environment in MRDA provides an ideal place where MRDA’s mission of ‘Nurturing Mindsets of Compassionate Wealth Creators” could be successfully accomplished.

Some more benefits of a boarding school are as under

Boarding schools offer a variety of benefits to students. The decision to attend boarding school is the first step in what many consider a big picture decision: by attending boarding school, the benefits that come with it will pay off in the long term. The number of leaders and successful members of society began their journey at boarding schools: former presidents, actors, athletes, successful businessperson and many other successful people.

However, what makes most boarding schools work well is the vast number of activities, programs and challenges available to students on a daily basis. The typical boarding school student is one who wants to embrace this huge opportunity they’ve been offered: to live in a community where learning, personal growth and exploration are top priority; where programs and activities are abundant; where making friends is paramount; and where success is celebrated.

Boarding is an incredible gift.
  • It’s an opportunity for students to develop the confidence that comes from living away from one’s parents.
  • It’s a chance to hone the skills needed to be an independent learner and young adult.
  • It’s the ability to live and work with people of different interests, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • It also prepares young people to be successful as college students, as adults, and as citizens of an increasingly inter-connected world.
  • ‘Compassionate Millionaires’ have different type of a mindset which can be cultivated over a long period of time under supervised guidance of practicing the habits of highly successful people in the material & also the spiritual world.
  • Habit formation requires daily enforcement of performing certain activities.
  • This is very difficult to implement in a home setting with parents.
  • In a boarding setup, habit formation becomes possible as before & after school time activities are an ideal time to cultivate good habits.
Learning independence, understanding priorities:
  • Independence might be the greatest gift that parents can give to their children. Today, when so many parents are hyper-vigilant and want to be involved in every aspect of their child’s life, boarding school can be the perfect antidote.
  • Children are required to navigate through the elements, do their own laundry, and get up in the morning. Parents aren’t there to shield them from natural causes and effects.
  • Boarding schools are good places to fail and succeed—which makes them great places to learn. It’s a controlled freedom.
  • Kids don’t just get into college: they arrive prepared to succeed, with the ability to manage their own lives.
  • They become strong individuals capable of leadership and have self-initiative.
  • The current state of our culture has made it difficult for parents to cultivate those traits and boarding school is an outlet for these important qualities to be nurtured.
They are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills because there is no hiding at boarding school.
  • A child who is dropped off in the morning and picked up at three o’clock by Mom isn’t challenged to develop the same peer skills as a kid who lives with other students 24 hours a day on campus.
  • Boarding school is a transformative experience in learning to communicate with others, something a lot of people don’t get until college, if at all.